Sunday, May 25, 2008


Happy 4th birthday little dude!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Aubrey!!!
This morning when I talked to sassy she said she was three and that she loves Melmo (Elmo)!
It is so cute to hear her say "My Birthday"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Ok so what was I thinking??? Brad left on Thursday to go hunting. My inital plans were to have a relaxing weekend with the kids. The weather was way to nice not to do anything productive. So being the person I am and always biting off more than I can chew!!! I decided to order our mulch for the flower beds. Not just a little mulch a driveway of mulch. Did my mom drop me on my head as an infant? How could I possibly get all of this done before Brad's return?
I tell you I have the sweetest sister in bil alive. Jen called shortly after I placed the order and had really thought about what I did. She must of sensed how overwhelmed I was because before I knew it she pulled up in the truck and John shortly came down the road on his riding lawn mower and trailer. He may be a little redneck but I love him anyway because he came to the rescue and by Friday at 8:00pm all of that mulch was out of the driveway and placed in the flower beds! They were my saviors!!! If it hadn't been for them I would still be out there hauling wheelbarrows. I owe them big time. After they left I realized that I hadn't fed Zach yet and so we ran to Subway at 9:00pm and then ran clothes over to Alli for a sleepover at Brea's. Zach and I ended up staying there until midnight. Paula and Denver (Brea's parents) had their driveway poured that night and them and the crew were having a few beers in the garage and chatting it up. All and all it ended up being a great day. Definetly productive!!! Surrounded by good family and friends.
On Saturday Zach and I slept in. When we got up we waited for Alli to come home and headed to Madison for my veggie plants and a Target run. We planted the rest of our planters and our garden when we got home. I ended the day finishing up the memory books for preschool and watching P.S. I Love You. Which is an awesome movie. A must see.
So that pretty much recaps our Friday and Saturday! Brad is due home today and I can't wait. This means that I get my bed back and can get some sleep. Sleeping in the middle of the kids leaves for some restless sleeping;)

So on Friday Zach and I went on an all day field trip with his class. We went to Olbrich Gardens and The Aldo Leopold Center. The weather was beautiful and the sights were pretty spectacular:)

The boys checking things out at the Thai gardens.

The flowering crabs at Olbrich were in full bloom and looked amazing!

We had lunch at a wonderful park in Monona. Zach, best bud Shane and Courtney:)

Looks like someone else was having fun:) Gracie showing off her antlers.

Ohhhh! Something is very very stinky! Zach loved checking out the animal mounts:)

Zach and Will looking for pond life at Aldo Leopold.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I think Brad's little sweetie Aubrey had a new friend!!!
Introducing you to Aflac. So last night after soccer practice I was busy cooking muffins for Zach's class and Brad decided to stop up at the storage locker that father in law won in a auction. It seems his new hobby is bidding on abandon storage lockers. Well in this latest locker there is a van and many other gems, including Aflac the duck. Zach found this pretty concrete duck in the van under a sheet. If anyone has heard Zach's infectious laugh they would know why Brad had to bring it home to me. So while I was in the kitchen the fam returned and I thought Brad must of went straight to the shower because I heard the bath water. Well to my surprise Brad joined the kids and I in the kitchen with the news of a new house member in the tub because it needed a shower???? So I followed the three of them and in a tub of water I found Mr. Aflac followed by many laughs!!! Why does nothing surprise me when from Brad and the kids anymore. So Brad hauled this very heavy 3ft. duck into the kitchen and there as a family we decided that we should send this duck to Jen's(my sister) So Brad wrote on a piece of cardboard: Hi my name is a Aflac and I need a good home and a warm bath. Brad and the kids loaded up the sign and Aflac and delivered this precious gem to Jen's. Brad parked up the street and hauled this duck to her front step and rang her doorbell and took off running. It wasn't long before I got a call from Jen wondering "what the heck"

So now Mr. Aflac is taking up residency at Jen's house and Aubrey is in love with "her duck". So beware you may find Mr. Aflac at your house soon!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The recent happenings around here

I will start off with a picture of my sweet boy who has so patiently waited all year to be the student of the week in his classroom. Well this is his week!!! Mr. Student of the Week! Isn't he just the coolest looking kid. We had to write why we were proud of him. How do we begin??? For those that don't know Zach very well I must tell you that he is the kindest boy I know. He is so incredible easygoing and just takes life like it is. Goes with the flow. He's quite the character and naturally makes people laugh!!! He's very sweet to his mommy! Loves to give his dad a hard time;) and loves his sister, even when she's mean to him. So needless to say I'm beyond proud to be this little dudes mom!!

Well we officially have one turkey season down in the Junck household. After three long seasons of turkey hunting Brad scored his first turkey. I will admit that I'm thrilled!!! That means no more alarm clock going off at 3:45. Thanks to Lynn for allowing Brad to hunt on her and Jerome's land and thanks to Tiny for setting Brad up with the good spots. Now I said there is one season down. That leaves season #2 that is starting for Brad Thurs afternoon when he leaves for the weekend in Sparta. Brad is excited to hunt with Kevin and Ben. I can only imagine the hunting talk that will be going on:) This hunt he will be doing with his bow. We'll see if his luck continues???

Ok so I've been busy the last couple of months trying to get Alli's school scrapbook started. The soccer pictures were starting to pile up so it was time.

A few layouts I did for this months Twelve Fridays kit! I love this kit club!!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm new at this

Just wanted to drop a note letting you know that this blog is a work in progress so bare with me while I work through the kinks with the links and everything. Thanks!!!


And of course Mr. Goofball!!! Will they pull off a win????

The queen of the facial expressions!

Have to add one of Alli's best friend Brea. She's working the feet too.

That's are girl working the foot work!!! Pictures are less than stellar but we had lots of movement.

Yes you are really seeing the above title!!!! The Hurricanes pulled off another win! They played awesome! (And Alli didn't even wear her lucky Sunday underwear) Oh the things these girls come up with!???!

Alli switched roles a little tonight on the field. She moved from sweeper to forward. She ran her butt off and her footwork is improving so much. Yes I'm a proud mom;) She had a break-away which I think actually shocked her a little. She kicked it straight on but unfortunetly the goal was blocked. Later in the game she had another chance at a goal and gave that ball a little too much kick and it hit the top of goal hard. It was close and she was happy with that:)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yep I'm pretty bad at this blogging thing

Mr. Gage!!! He's such a funny guy full of beans. Always has something to say!

Yep that's my sweet boy in his serious camping mode. He's all about the outdoors.

Miss Sydney and Aubrey paying me a visit in the camper. They didn't mind the weather at all;)

Alli digging our hike. I just can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!

Oh dear!!! Father and son! And people wonder why I'm turning grey??

Alli wanted a picture with mom and of course Aubrey had to be in there. She wanted Nitty all to herself;)

Ok so I promise I will try to be better about this blogging thing;)

This past weekend we went camping in less than stellar weather. Can you say cold and wet!!! It was actually kind of nice though because I didn't have to look at all the things that needed to be done around the house and instead had no choice but to lay around and catch up on the tv show 24. This winter when the writers strike happened and we were snowed in we decided to order 24 from Netflix and were instantly hooked. Oh the life we have. The sad thing is that a few times when we had date night we actually just came home and watched 24. Anyways we started season 6 this weekend and of course it's proving to be another great one:) We also watched 27 Dresses which was a cute movie.

Alli ended up missing her soccer game on Saturday because of camping. She wasn't too happy about this but it was just one game. She has a make up game tomorrow night against Verona. I would love to see the girls pull off another victory. They stunk it up like old cheese this weekend against Milton. I love this age though. They are so ok with losing. I guess one win in 3 seasons will do that to you. It's neat to see how she is progressing as a player. She is definetly a defense player. She is all about keeping that ball away from the goal. She gives it her all. Sound effects and all.

Last night I think I put the finishing touches on the kids summer activities. I think they will keep me hopping. Alli will be doing basketball which she has come to really enjoy along with soccer through the rec dept. Zach will be doing baseball and soccer. He really enjoys baseball a lot but needs more to do. He is a good soccer player and I think we have finally convinced him that soccer is good conditioning for football and that no one will pick on him for playing it. The boy is all about football:) I also enrolled them in a week long soccer camp with the Brits. I think that if anything it will be a way to keep them active. Alli also will be spending some time in summer school to try to boost her confidence in her math skills. Something that she is NOT happy about.
Well wish us luck tomorrow against Verona. Go Hurricanes!!!!