Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update on my heavy heart

Ok as many of you may know that I've recently been overcome with worry about my dad's health. Well my new attitude is that I have to look at the glass 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty. Although the news we received about dad isn't the best news or news that we wanted to hear for that matter. The reality of it is that there isn't much we can do. I love my mom and dad and it really makes you stop and realize that you can't take life for granted. The greatest part of it is that all of the heart meds that dad's on are making him feel better and for the first time in I don't know how long dad is feeling pretty good. We're getting our old dad back!!! Dad's sense of humor has returned and he's looking better each day. (He's actually kind of turned into a funny smart a$$) It's so nice to see color return to his face and most of all his big smile return.

Life is unpredictable and none of us can predict the paths that the lord has laid for us. But I'm thankful that my family has been given this chance to reconnect and enjoy the times we have together.

Now on a funny note. One of dad's recent goals was to get himself some new teeth:) Yep you heard that right...new teeth. See dad has invested ALOT of money in his teeth and continues to have endless problems with them. At his recent dr visit he asked the doc if he could get his teeth. The dr. said that he could tell this was something that dad really wanted and couldn't deny him of this. So dad and mom went to the consult with the dentist and mom decided that she'd jump on the band wagon and get herself a new set also. The only stipulation was that dad wanted his first. It was his idea afterall. So today was the big day. Dad took some time off of work and stayed home this morning with anticipation for his appt at 1:00. For those that know dad they know that it takes a lot for him to take off work. And guess what!!! The dentist was sick or something and called and cancelled. So that means that mom gets her teeth pulled on Monday and dad now goes on Tuesday. Jen will be driving mom and on Monday and maybe dad on Tuesday. So if anyone has any good pudding recipes or soup recipes I could use them:) It looks like mom and dad are going on the soft diet for awhile.

Yep she has everyone wrapped around her little finger

This little girl is a princess...just ask her! She won't bat an eye and tell you the way it is. Yep I'm in love:)

Some little girl got glasses

My sweet niece Sydney got glasses today and she looks beautiful. She's pretty nervous about what everyone thinks...I think she's darn cute:)

First day of school

I can't believe another year of school has started. Where did summer go? I know everyone says that but seriously this was the quickest summer ever. With the vacation and all of the fun we had this summer it just flew by.

Zach started 2nd grade and loves his teacher. He has a bunch of his good buddies in his class so that definetly helps;) The night before school started it was a big deal for Alli to pick out the perfect outfit. I asked Zach what he wanted to wear and his response was pretty simple and totally Zach..."clothes"! He didn't care what he wore. Kind of like he doesn't care if he takes a bath. That's just how he rolls!!! (According to him;))

Allison started 4th grade. I'm really not sure how that happened. Pretty amazing if you ask me. So far I would say that this has been her best beginning to her school year yet. Of course the fact that her teacher is like 10...ok 25 and that her best friend is in the class helps there to. We've also been keeping her pretty busy or should I say ourselves pretty busy. Alli really functions best when she is busy:) On Mon and Wed she has bball practise and on Tue and Thur she has soccer practise. Add those with 2-4 games a weekend and the girl is busy. We will stand behind her and support her 100% as long as she keeps her school studies up.

That pretty much sums up the first day of school in the Junck house.