Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo Overload!!! We had a GREAT Saturday!!!!

That uncle Russ and Zach are quite the pair;) I'm not sure who the bigger kid is here but I do know that Zach sure loves Mr. Freckles;)
We landed at a sandbar and Russ's parents grilled out a super yummy lunch for us!
And she can balance!!!
King of the mountain!!!!
Mr. Russ working very hard to send the kiddos airborn. There was so many laughs had today!!
Zach sending Russ for a ride or is it Russ sending Zach for a ride:)

My two main men!!! I love these guys:)
This daddy loves his little girl. So does her mommy:)
Alli's BFF Brea with her beautiful smile.
I love to see you smile!!! This picture shows how full of life you are!!

My sweet baby!!
Hmm!!! Is that uncle Russ going to send me flying??
Think they had fun?

Today we met Brad's sister Dawn and brother in law Russ at Lake Wisconsin for a day of boating in their super cool boat. The kids have been looking forward to this all week. See the last couple of weeks have been pretty rough around here. It turns out that Alli and I got pneumonia also and spent most of last week in bed. So when Dawn called and invited us the kids were thrilled. The kids love anything water and for sure love their aunt and uncle. Who couldn't. I love spending time with them and I love to see Brad and Dawn develop that adult sibling relationship. They have so much more in common than either of them know. We definetly need to spend more time together because we really enjoy each others company so much. So that wraps up our Saturday. It's going to be pretty hard to top this!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Miles!

Wishing a Happy Birthday to sweet Miles!!! Today he's nine:) I love Miles smiles and can light up a room! Love you kiddo!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scrapbooking is good for the mind

I love this picture of Jen and Aubrey!!
Sassy Pants all the way:)
That's my boy!
12 Fridays Aug Kit
12 Fridays Aug Kit
12 Fridays Aug Kit
A fun layout from 4th of July
This kiddo cracks me up!

A quiet weekend and a heavy heart

One of the most beautiful, strongest woman I've ever met!!!
A man with a HUGE heart and oh so stubborn!

This weekend has been quiet and very nice.

Lately I've had a lot on my mind and have what I call a heavy heart. Life is full of lessons and I have faith that the Lord won't give my family more than we can handle. Hopefully we can unite as one and be there to support each other in whatever life has to give us. On that note I love you mom and dad!!!

Wonderful camping to Pneumonia

That's right! What started out as a nagging cough changed a little Sat. night. My gut told me something might be up and sure enough he developed a fever late Sunday afternoon. I took him into the clinic on Monday a.m. and he was diagnosed with pneumonia:( Poor guy! He's such a good patient. Today is a week later and he's doing much better. He still gets easily tired. I love you buddy!!!

A wonderful weekend of camping!!

I love this man!
Oh how I love this boy!!! He's missing his two front teeth right and man he's cute!!!
Brad being all goofy with the goof troops.
That's my boy working it!
I love this picture of Ethan and Brad. Too cute!
Triple trouble. The girls of the family!

Yep folks you're not seeing things. That's Aunt Jen on the bouncing pillow. That thing rocks! We had a blast on it!!
Miles catching some air on the pillow:)
Aubrey was mesmorized with Ethan and Miles. She couldn't get enough of them.
This would be all of the nieces and nephews minus Logan. Next time we go Logan HAS to come with us!!!
How cute are these four???

Sydney, Aubrey, Ehtan and Gage:)

Last weekend we decided we needed to get away from life and camping seemed like a great option and Jen and John were all game and joined us.

Zach has had quite a summer surrounded by girls;) Since Alli was still grounded (she's a preteen that likes to be sassy at times) we decided that Zach could take a friend. He chose Miles and was thrilled. We didn't want Ethan to feel bad so we asked him to come. So there you have it four adults and 7 kiddos under 9.5yrs.

The weather was beautiful and the kids were awesome. We had so much fun tubing the Sugar River, swimming, playing mini golf, bouncing on the huge pillow, dancing and the lists goes on. Above are some pics from our fun filled weekend.


Ok I've been a bad blogger since last week. I want to wish my oldest nephew Logan a belated Happy Birthday. He turned 12 on 8/8/08. It's so hard to believe that he's going into 7th grade! Where did the time go??? It seemed like yesterday he was born and now he's quite the athlete and very intelligent!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

It absolutely amazes me that this sweet little boy is already 5! How did that happen?? I love this little guy so much and miss spending time with him. Happy Birthday Ethan!!!