Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's get our $$ out of those costumes

Miss Sydney the rock star!
Abby Cadabby is on the loose:)

Abby Cadabby (aka Aubrey), Go Go Girl (aka Allison) and Rock Star (aka Sydney)

The Scream (aka Zach man)
Optimus Prime (aka Gage...far right) and some of his little buddies!

Halloween seems to fly by so quickly and more often than not the kiddos only wear those expensive costumes once. This year we headed over to some good friends and participated in their neighborhood parade. We had a really nice time:) The kids all looked adorable and it was so nice to take a nice long walk on a beautiful "windy" fall day!

Basketball Season Has Started

So Alli had her official first bball games this weekend. She played at 9AM Saturday morning in Mt. Horeb and 1230 at Jefferson. Although it is a tad painful to watch, we need to remind ourselves that these girls are only 4th graders and 4 of them are exhausted from playing dual sports the past 7 wks. They lost their first game against Janesville by a whopping four points. The final score was 11-7!!! Yep that isn't a typo folks!!! Their second game they won 30-12. Much better;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten short years ago...Happy Birthday!!!

I'm posting this a tad bit early but I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be VERY busy around here. Kind of like it was 10 years ago.

October 14th, 1998 was one of the most AMAZING days of my life!!! The day that my sweet little girl came into this world and blessed her daddy and I forever. I'm in awe how fast this past 10yrs has flown. I must admit that it is very bittersweet. If these 10yrs have flown by so quickly what is going to happen the next eight:0 Time can slow down anytime;)

I'm so proud of the young "tween" that you've become. You've become so confidant this past year. You're physically beauty has always been apparent but now your confidance and joy for life shines to all those that surround you. Mothering you has been beyond incredible!!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Allison!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall in Wisconsin

This is by far my most favorite time of the year!!

The bigger the better for this little dude!
When did this girl grow up?
And the children of the corn are off on their corn maze mission.


No I haven't gone goth

Ok now that the color has calmed down a little, I've decided to go dark for fall. It's starting to grow on my a little. When I first got it done Alli's good friend Becca asked me if I was going goth. I can see it now the goth preschool teacher...not;) How about this little hunk!!! Is he not the most handsome 7.5yr old???:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been doing a little scrapbooking in the wee hours!

A little BOO swag that I made for the house!
An album I made for mom with some pictures from her garden this summer.

A layout of the buffalo in Custer Park, SD

A project for the DT at 12 Fridays. This little album is made out of paper bags
Another 12 Fridays DT project.
A quick layout for Alli's school album

Bad Blogger I Know

Gage "Man"
The launching of the catapults. A recent father/daughter project in our house.

I'm open...
They've got spirit yes they do!! Alli and Brea:)
Oiy! He's going to catch up to her in height very soon!
Little Miss Sydney Lou at the Homecoming Parade. TOO CUTE!!
Jen, Aubrey and Zach waiting for the parade to begin.

Alli and her good friend Lauren ready to head out to the Footloose dance:)

I was on the wrong side of the field and haven't been able to get too many great shots of Zach. So that is my sweet dude in the back.

So check out that coach on the left giving the business. Looks like a meanie doesn't he??

Yep that would be Zach way at the other end on the red team.
Homecoming was this past weekend and Alli was showing some school spirit. This picture scares me...she's starting to look very grown up:0

Dang these kiddos are running Brad and I all over the place;) To say that life right now is busy is an understatement!!! The last month has been somewhat of a blur.

Alli is currently playing soccer and basketball. She practices BBall on Monday and Wed evening. She's absolutley loving it!!! On Tues and Thurs evening she is playing soccer. Weekends consist of ball games. I'm so proud of her!! One of the stipulations of her playing two sports was her school work. She needed to make sure she stayed on top of it and remember that it was the most important. It's like a switch was turned because the drama queen act has went by the weigh side...which let me tell you 9 yr old girls have....BAD!!!!:) For the last 5wks she's been proving to us that she can handle all of this.

Zach man is currently playing flag football on Monday and Wed evenings with dad(the coach)!!! It's turned out to be challenging for Brad to keep these kids in the flag football mindset. They are ready for full contact:O They just want to tackle. It's quite comically to watch. Of course he's loving it!!! As far as school, this is something that comes natural for Zach so far. He's a lot like his dad in that aspect;)