Thursday, July 31, 2008

A whole lot of soccer going on

This week is the Challenger Soccer Camp with some very talented english soccer players. The kids are having a blast....even Zach! It turns out that even football players play soccer;) Zach is having a blast and has even asked to be signed up for Fall/Spring MHAYSA. Check out these two cuties in their challenger jerseys and new sets of boots!
Alex, Gordy, Cheesehead and Wobby! One of the greatest things about this camp is that when I ask the kids what they learned each day they say nothing...they just played games. Then later in the day they are showing off to dad all of their new footwork. Their learning by having fun. Got to love that!~ Each day there is a new challenge for the kids. Tuesday was crazy hair day and best decorated ball day. Wednesday was best homeade sports drink day. There was some very interesting sports drinks!
Thursday was dress the coaches day. Here is my cute snaggletoothed son with a rocking afro wig on for Andy!
Poor Wobby(Robby)!
Gordy and Andy all dolled up. It's so hot out today and the coaches had to play with these on. They were dying under there. Tomorrow brings the end of the camp and I think I'm going to have some sad little campers! They wish it was camp everyday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I just love this picture!

The Tooth Fairy Has Been Busy

What a weekend for teeth at our house. Zach lost his first front tooth and if you look closely you can see that the other front tooth isn't too far behind. So dang cute. You should here him talk. Alli then lost one yesterday. The timing couldn't be any more perfect. See the kids are really late or slow in losing their teeth. Alli's actually had to have 4 pulled for ortho reasons. Six months ago when we were at ortho they said that they wanted two of the top ones gone by her next checkup or they would have to pull those also. So tomorrow is her check up and she officially has said goodbye to those two teeth. Her poor teeth have a mind of their own and I'm afraid that they are going to cost us a penny or two.

A quick visit to Chicago

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to CHA in Chicago with . I met up with Becca, Diana, Jackie and Kate on Friday and we went out for dinner. We had a good time. The service at the restruarant was less than stellar but it beat cooking:) The cosmos were good and we might of had one or two too many.

Saturday was like heaven walking around the floors of CHA and seeing all of the new releases for the scrapbooking industry. As most of you know I'm pretty addicted to scrapbooking. It's my therapy. I love it. This show had so many amazing new product lines and what the designers did with the product was stunning. I have so many projects that I want to get started soon. Definetly ignited my mojo:)

Been doing a little scrapbooking!

Swimming, swimming and some more swimming.

Aubrey enjoying a ice cream cone!!
Zach loves to boogy on down!
Miss Alli sunshine!
Look who learned how to dive!!! He caught on very quickly and is pretty good at it.
Logan taking Aubrey down the water slide. Man I can't believe how old Logan is getting and little Miss Aubrey adores him: )
Allison enjoying a lollipop during break.
Mr. Gage is turning into quite the little fish. He loves the water slide!!

I love this picture!!! Is he not the cutest dude!!!

Yep that would pretty much sum up what has been going on around here. We've been spending a lot of time at the pool. The kids are sporting some pretty good tans.

Fourth of July

Oh! Ah!!!
Getting ready for the show.

Yep I guess we believe in putting the kiddos to work. They had corn cleaning duty:)

Four of the goofballs!

We decided to have a low key 4th and just hang out here at home. Jen had to work so we invited John and the kids over for dinner and fireworks. A good friend of ours Brandon didn't have anything going on, Kari was in a wedding the next day so he also joined us with his three sweet boys. So our low key evening had 8 little kiddos, three dads and me:)