Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a Saturday...Roll over accident!

So here's the gist of it. Today was the day we planned on turning in our jeep that lease is up on Monday. Zach had bball practice and then we were heading into Russ Darrow. Alli and I were in the jeep and took the back road and Brad being Mr. Cautious decided to take the HWY 18/151. I didn't know that was his plan and kept looking for him in my mirror. I even tried calling him a few times and just got his voice mail.
Then my phone rang and it was him and he said that please don't panic Zach and him are ok but he rolled the truck on 18/151. Thankfully he wasn't going too fast and it only rolled once. But what I'm more thankful for than anything else is the fact that Brad let Zach ride in the front seat. Most of the damage was done to the back of the cab. Were pretty sure the truck is totaled and neither of them have one single scratch on them. Thank you god!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and That

Things have been fairly calm around here. Knock on wood;-) The kids are back in school and quickly got back on schedule. This weekend was pretty quiet. On Friday Alli went to a sleep over and Brad, Zach and I watched movies while I scrapbooked some. On Saturday Brad worked most of the day and the kids and I made a Target run. Man that store is an addiction of mine. I will admit. I could so easily spend, spend, spend there. (And have:-0) I was impressed that I left there under $100 and actually bought things that we needed.

On Saturday night we went to Platteville to watch UWP play UWSP in womens bball. My cousins wife Megan is an asst coach for UWSP and Alli has been eager to attend a college game. We were very fortunate and were able to visit with Megan and Josh's beautiful twin boys Aidan and Brody along with Ron, Kathy, Josh and Jordan. Words cannot express how cute the twins are and so well behaved. Very content with chilling at a bball game at the young age of 10 months. Impressive!!! We really enjoyed the game also. It was a great experience for Alli to watch and it was all she could talk about on the way home. I must admit that Alli has been on the fence about bball and this really helped her. Brad and I were really surprised at how observant she was to the head coach. She kept commented on how the coach would yell but also had a lot of good things to say to the players. I found it extremely interesting that she picked up on this. It makes me wonder if there is more reason she is on the fence. Something for us to noodle on.

Today has been a lazy day for us here. I cleaned around here and scrapbooked while Brad got the jeep ready to turn in(lease). We watched a movie and hung out with the kiddos. A perfect Sunday.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Beginnings, my word for 2009

Little Miss Brace Face!
Grandma and Grandpa's bed filled with all of their grandkids on Christmas!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Steinhoff gave someone a cell phone for Christmas. Yikes!!!

She got her funky junky socks!!

Lego man!

Happy New Year!!! A little late but that's ok it's been busy around here.
So I did a lot of soul searching in the last few months of 2008 to define the changes that I wanted to make for 2009. 2008 brought a lot of heartache for me personally but also an incredible amount of personal growth. So it leaves me to believe that there is a reason for everything. My mother in law Linda is great for making me see the glass half full. So like I said although it was a difficult year it was one of growth. I've made many goals for the next year and am very hopeful that they will materialize.

It's only the 8th of January and I can already say that this year has been filled with excitement and buzzing. But good excitement! Brad has been extremely busy at work and we are so grateful for that. With the struggling economy right now we are forever grateful that he's working. Add that with being busy, life is good there. I will admit that we really miss him around here but let's face it we can't have our cake and eat it too. No complaining coming from us;-)

We had a wonderful Christmas here. Unfortunetly for us(I think) one of our kiddos realized this season that Santa was not so believable. Alli was questioning the subject prior to Christmas but I told her that "you don't believe, you don't receive:-0 That really stopped her in her tracks and she was all about convincing us of her belief. Well fast forward to Christmas Eve and the kids were eager to get to bed after the Junck Christmas. Awhile after they were tucked sound in bed Brad and I double and triple checked they were asleep. Well we got everything set and put ourselves to bed at about 11pm. At 1130pm Miss Alli came in our room to let us know that Santa had come. Long story short her suspicion of Santa got the best of her and she's a REALLY good faker at sleeping. BUSTED!!! Oh well she's ten and in 4th grade. So at 1130pm Christmas Eve we were up opening presents. Oiy!!!

Zach man had the best day and Christmas yet, or at least I think. He absolutely loved everything and has been nothing but busy since then. I love that kid;-)

The new year also brought trips to the orthodontist in our family. Alli has officially started braces and it feels like I'm a mom to a tweenager. This is a lot for a mommy to take in seeing braces on her seeing my firstborn carrying her new pink cellphone that grandma gave her for Christmas.

More to come soon;-)