Monday, May 18, 2009

What a busy life we lead...

Things have been crazy around here. Soccer, hunting, end of school year and yardwork has consumed our lives.

This week is my last week of work. I officially have three days left. Exciting but scary. Let's face it times are tough right now and the thought of having the next 3 months off brings some anxiety. I'm very torn what is the best road to take for our family. I waiver back and forth about me entering the workforce again full-time, as does Brad. The extra income would be extremely helpful but what about the kids?? Brad's schedule can differ on a daily basis and we really want one of us here when the kiddos are home. As hard as this decision is I have to trust my faith in god to guide our family in the right direction. For those that do read this blog if you could spare a prayer for our family that would be wonderful.

Zach recently visited his new school. The same school his sister attends right now and again next year. He's eagerly awaiting moving up to the Intermediate Center. Me on the other hand is in awe of how fast time flies. Zach has recently giving me a run for my $$$. He's all over the place with his mood and I continue to tell myself that he must be going through some emotional/brain growth. See if I convince myself of thisI may be able to keep some of my marbles;-) He's a great kid that is very intelligent. (He's definetly smarter than his mother and teaches me something new every day;-))

Alli has grown up so much in the last 6 months. I call her my bag lady, mother hen. She has this crazy love for bags. All shapes and sizes. She'll definetly someday stimulate the handbag makers. She must get that from Grandma Patsy. She's also all about being organized and on task. Every night she gets her bookbag ready, lays out her clothes for the next day and decides on her breakfast. What 10.5 yr old does that??? I'm 35 and have no clue what I'm wearing tomorrow, let alone to bed tonight. I just humor her;-) Remember I'm trying to keep my!

This spring has been a very busy soccer season. Alli has a HUGE passion for soccer and this season is extra special for her since her dad is one of the coaches. Her first two seasons of travel league they didn't win a game and so far they only have one loss this season. I love to watch her play and she plays with such passion that it gives me chills.

Since time is flying by so fast I will just post some recent

1st tournament...3rd place!!

Brad and his prize Mr. Turkey. Turkey down on his first morning out.

Some little girl has her 3rd Birthday tomorrow on 5/19. She's recently conquered the quest to potty training and is bringing so much joy to the family. Happy Birthday Aubrey!!

Sydney and Gage. Gage has a birthday on the 25th and will be 5.

My little brainiac reading when he should be sleeping;-) Nice hat don't you think. Compliments of grandma Patsy.

I love this boy ssooooooo much!!!

Someone is developing quite the personality. Never a dull moment. This picture cracks me up. I'm not sure what she was doing but trust me it was pretty comically!

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